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  1. Please remove my posts
    published on your page

    ASAP. If you won't do that I will have to report your blog to Google
    for copyright issue.

    All the best

  2. Remove my content found here: by 1/22/2019 5pm cst or I will file a dcma with google/blogger and multiple strikes with pinterest

  3. Remove my content immediately! You are clearly stealing bloggers posts and images. I have reported this blog to Google.

  4. What is your nutritional facts for the stuffed sausage biscuits?

  5. I'm glad you liked my post - it was one I worked very hard on, taking the pictures, getting just the right photo(s) for this post – I spent an immense amount of time doing this, as I do for all my posts. You can imagine my surprise and how violated & saddened I felt when I found this today.

    I own the copyright to it and am NOT giving you permission to use the full OR partial post of it. By hosting MY entire recipe on your site along with MY picture, I have to wonder, why would people go to my site?! Well, they wouldn’t – please remove it immediately or I will be reporting your site google, your ad network and pinterest as a start.

    I appreciate your utmost importance to this urgent matter as my blog is my business and my sole source of income.

    Thank you,

  6. Hi, I noticed on Pinterest that there was a challah bread pin leading to a challah recipe on your blog Lovely Culinary ( Here's the URL of the pin: Here's the URL of the blog post:
    I noticed that the Pinterest pin used one of my photos from my challah recipe ( without acknowledging me. Also, you never asked for my permission to use my photo in your pin and blog post. You do not have my permission to use the photo for any reason.
    I would be very grateful if you could immediately delete the pin from Pinterest and the pin image from your blog post that uses my photo. I'm flattered that you like my photo, but it's never right to steal it and use it for your own purposes without my permission.
    Thanks very much!
    Emma Fajcz, Recipe Creator and Food Photographer at Savor the Flavour

  7. Please remove this post immediately. You've stolen the content from my website.