Copycat Sonic Ocean Water Recipe #cocktail #recipe

Sonic Ocean Water Recipe: The most beautiful and reviving summer drink around! The ideal non mixed beverage for picnics or the Fourth of July.

Searching for a simple non mixed beverage for Summer? Look no further! This Sonic Ocean Water formula is impeccable! It's inconspicuous tropical flavor and stunning blue shading make it ideal for tasting poolside! Love blue? Look at my Blue Margaritas as well! It would likewise be a hit for the fourth of July, Memorial Day, or any late spring outing.

I will make this Sonic Ocean Water a great deal as our nearby Sonic left business! 🙁 It was really supplanted by a Starbucks which is somewhat frustrating. There is a Starbucks everywhere around here. In any case, party time and gooey tots are more diligently to stop by. I'm so happy I have this Ocean Water Copycat formula!
Copycat Sonic Ocean Water Recipe #cocktail #recipe
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  • 3 Tablespoons Water
  • 3 Tablespoons White Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Coconut Extract
  • (2) 12 Once Cans of Lemon Lime Soda (I used Sprite)
  • Blue Food Coloring


  1. In a small microwave safe bowl stir water and sugar together. Heat for 30-60 seconds or until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Pour into a pitcher or punch bowl. Stir in soda, coconut extract, and food coloring.
  3. Serve over ice.

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