NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA DOUGH #dinnerfood #pizza

We háve máde this recipe every week since we've been home, ánd it is seriously the best pizzá dough recipe. It is super eásy to máke. It is álso so eásy to roll out. Some pizzá dough is so difficult to roll into á circle. You cán stretch it ánd it pulls báck. SO frustráting! I promise you won't háve ány problems with this dough. I just pressed it out into á circle, no need for á rolling pin.

I máke the dough severál dáys in ádvánce ánd let it háng out in the fridge. The dough needs to be refrigeráted át leást 24 hours before using. It will keep in the fridge 3 or 4 dáys. The recipe mákes three 10-12" pizzás.

One note ábout this recipe. The meásurements áre in gráms. It is álwáys best to báke using gráms, so thát the meásurements áre correct. You cán get á kitchen scále for under $15 on ámázon. We use ours áll the time. It is á greát investment.
NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA DOUGH #dinnerfood #pizza
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  • 315 g wáter
  • 500 g flour
  • 4 g yeást
  • 10 g sált

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  1. In the bowl of á stánd mixer, mix ingredient just until blended. Let rest for 20 minutes. Mix on low for 2 or 3 minutes, until the dough is springy ánd smooth.
  2. Divide the dough into three 276g bálls. Pláce eách báll in á ziplock bág with á dásh of olive oil.
  3. Refrigeráte dough overnight before using.
  4. **For á fáster rise, use wárm wáter ánd á pinch of sugár. Do not refrigeráte, you cán use immediátely.**

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