Pizza Toasts - for times when you like pizza but don't want to overdo sin.

Pizza sauce, ham, red onion, melted goodness cheesy and slices of fresh sweet tomatoes - delicious !!

The possibilities are endless with this pizza toast. On this occasion I made them quite simple. But there are so many variations that you can choose.

I don't have one of my delicious homemade pizza sauces when I make this pizza bread, so I just do a quick cheat version. But if you have time, I strongly recommend making a bunch of pizza sauces and freezing some useful servings.

There are many other variations that you can try also above the suggestions above.

and if you don't have the choice of a healthy addition b to this pizza toast. Why not try one of these toppings on my Crust Pizza Cauliflower or Crust Sweet Potato - both are good choices if you are gluten free.

I want to serve toast pizza with a nice big salad. You can even make a perfect free chip if you feel very hungry.

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