Korean Chicken Wings Spicy - Korean chicken wings made with addicted chicken sister with sweet and savory red pepper sauce.

It's Autumn and it's also the day of the season and I'm sure you all want to have sticky and spicy Korean chicken wings coated with addictive Korean red chili paste or gochujang.

No need to fry wings on this spicy Korean chicken wing recipe. In fact, the active time for this recipe is only 10 minutes and the oven does all the work. First you flavor chicken wings with salt and pepper, then bake. When the oven does its magic, you mix the sauce. When the wings are tasty and crispy, stir with the sauce, and you have the most amazing and delicious chicken wing opener that everyone likes.

This recipe is adapted from Food and Wine and the original name of this wing is Chicken Wings with Angry Sauce. This is rightly named like redness in appearance and spicy.

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