I really need mac n 'cheese in my life now. Of course, there is a problem of guilt about eating large amounts of cheese, so I added broccoli with a good dose to rationalize everything. Ha. right. But if you don't want broccoli shells and cheese, just leave the broccoli, make another according to the instructions, and you will have a good classic mac n 'cheese.

Making cheese sauce can be a bit intimidating at first, but try it. After you master it, it's very easy. Roux thickening action is a bit like magic; very mysterious but you have to learn to believe it. It will thicken.

Sharp cheddar will give you the most delicious mac, but also tends to "break" the easiest (turn thick in sauce), so I usually use medium cheddar. I also added a little parmesan (another strong cheese) because after tasting the sauce I wanted even more cheesier! I hate bland macaroni and cheese.

Then there is spicy sauce. I added just a little to add flavor but it wasn't really hot. Spicy sauce is truly optional. Many people add dry mustard which has a similar effect on taste. That only gave him a little enthusiasm. In the end, the cheese sauce is about tasting and adjusting. And really, who complained about tasting cheese sauce repeatedly? There is no.

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