The easy and warm Rigatoni with Italian sausages is a family dinner that is perfect for cold weather days.

Today, I am in the midst of the busiest time of the year, both for business and family life.

So at this time when I found myself increasingly interested in entertaining food. Rich and warm dishes that fill you with warmth from the inside out.
Pasta is my favorite comfort food.

I will eat pasta for lunch and dinner, at least four times a week, if I can. Versatile pasta, and fits everything. This is amazing in vegan dishes, vegetarian dishes, seafood and meat recipes.

I love. A kind of spaghetti !!

Recently, I tried to reduce and do more noodles when I wanted pasta. Noodles are amazing! I can't wait to share the noodle recipe with you all!

But, to be honest: it's not the same. Zoodles are not a substitute for real pasta. Wheat-free and milk-free pasta like Cappello's favorite pasta is a great substitute for pasta.

Noodles? They are cooked with vegetables, and they are delicious, but there is nothing around them and receive it like that.

Okay, now that I'm out of my system, let's talk about the Easy and Practical Rigatoni with this Italian Sausage.

This is the pasta that I got when I wanted pasta that was really delicious, entertaining, satisfying, oh so decadent.

This dish is a nice touch on traditional spaghetti and meat sauce. I like rigatoni because it acts like a sauce vessel that cradles rich tomato meat sauce. It is very nice. Not too spicy, it doesn't have any "strange" ingredients that children might oppose - it's just delicious and delicious food.

This is one of my favorite family dinner recipes that is easy and practical.

I hope you try it and love it too!

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