Cade and I like good food and the older we are interested in seeing how our tastes change. Cade had never been a dessert and now he has big sweet teeth. I have never been chili and onion, and now anything tasty touches the place for me, more than just a snack. Which means this is the Main Italian Sauce Pasta is one of our favorites, followed by a skookie for Cade. Silly.
This pasta is fully inspired by pizza. If it's good as pizza, that means pasta and vice versa in our book. Cade can eat pizza every day of his life and is quite happy, and pasta quickly holds his heart. So if you think it's good, we strongly recommend that you issue our Little Italy Pizza recipe too. Like, this weekend, surely.

First, cook the peppers and onions. In a perfect world I would caramelize onions first, then peppers, but I am all kind of lazy and while I usually start onions alone I almost always end up throwing chili too. Really, I don't know why it's important but onions never caramel when I do that, but all you need to worry about is LOW AND SLOW. In fact, I cooked it in the morning so I didn't feel restless and heated up.
Then you can get rid of it and cook meat and pasta separately. Add everything back to the large skillet, stir it all with a little marinara and pepperoni, and mix well. Next is my favorite part ...
Cover all the delights with fresh mozzarella and stick it under the broiler to get all the melty. Pull it out and stir the fresh and fresh dried tomatoes and fresh basil.

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