Summer always brings me to my happy place. Warm weather, flip flops, and grillin’. Eh- who the heck am I kidding? I live in Florida. no matter whether it’s a million degrees or below 32 degrees outside you can always have this amazing legendary grilled chicken breast.

Best Chicken Piccata Recipe Ever.

How, one may ask? Well, it was most definitely raining when I wanted to grill these on our gas grill, so I opted for my cast iron grill pan (on the stovetop) instead


1.Marinate– I would HIGHLY suggest you marinate these overnight or for up to 2 days. Seriously. Out. of. this. world. Period. This is the BEST grilled chicken marinade. Hands down.

2.Grill– you can use a charcoal grill, gas grill, or the amazing cast iron grill pan that we used for these.

Cast iron grill pan, baby. ↓

For smaller meals (like grilling chicken breast) this is THE way to go. I just grilling chicken breasts on this, my kitchen rockstars, totally just rocks.

I sliced them up for photographic purposes because they just look so dang purdy, huh? Having guests? Slice ’em up, throw some freshly chopped parsley on top and become the kitchen gangsta of your inner circle. The chopped parsley is totally optional but it totally makes it look restaurant-y for your guests. It just adds that special touch that always seems to be missing on a good ‘ol chicken breast.

And seriously, do you see the inside of this grilled chicken breast? Not one dry shred of meat in there. It’s so juicy you will need some napkins for this chicken.

It’s legendary.

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